Wind Power Market Update 9M 2017

Wind Power Market Update 9M 2017


Order Intake: 9M 2017 witnessed an increase of over 37% in the new publicly announced order intake over 9M 2016. Q3 2017 order intake increased by 42% year-on-year (YoY) over Q3 2016 and by 29% compared with Q2 2017.

During the first three quarters of 2017, the US, Spain, Germany, the UK, and India were the top five countries in terms of order intake, with capacities of 4.82 gigawatts (GW), 4.11 GW, 3.67, 3.46 GW, and 3.16 GW, respectively.

Order backlogs: Major wind turbine manufacturers such as Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Nordex SE, Senvion S.A., and Vestas Wind Systems A/S saw an increase in their order backlogs as of Q3 2017 compared with Q2 2017. The order backlog has advanced positively because of higher order intake activity.

Operations and Maintenance Market: Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) witnessed rising service revenues, fostered by their fleets being under maintenance as of Q3 2017, and turbine maintenance continued to offer steady revenues.

European Region Witnesses Swift Rise in Demand: Europe added 6.1 GW of wind power capacity in H1 2017, of which onshore wind accounted for 4.8 GW and offshore wind accounted for 1.3 GW. The offshore wind sector has now advanced beyond its Northern European region toward North America, East Asia, India, and other places. A rush in offshore wind power activities was witnessed in Germany, the UK, Belgium, and Finland.

Onshore Wind turbine prices bottomed out in 2017: Global average onshore wind turbine prices bottomed out in 2017 and reached $0.98m per megawatt (MW).


- The report covers quarterly order intake for wind turbines between Q1 2015 and Q3 2017, order intake has been further classified into top five countries for first three-quarters of 2017.
- It also covers wind turbine installations in major markets such as the US, China, Brazil, India, and Germany during the period 2014-2018.
- It also covers order backlog, global wind industry highlights, installation outlook for offshore and total wind energy, major developments in the offshore wind market in 9M 2017, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) performance for major OEMs along with few major O&M contracts, wind power policy updates in 9M 2017, global wind turbine price trend for 2012 to 2017 and its expected trend along with average price for Vestas and Goldwind turbines.

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- To understand the global wind market performance in 9M 2017 and expected market trends in the near future.

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