ICT Adoption in Education Sector India 2012

Slide 1: Executive summary
Slide 2-5: Indian Education Sector Overview - Indian Education System, Market Size & Growth (2011-2015e), Growth of Formal and Non-formal Education System (2011-2015e), Market Size & Growth of K12 Schools, Higher Education, Preschools, Coaching Class, Vocational Training, Books, Multimedia and ICT in govt. Schools (2011-2015e)
Slide 6: Indian Education Sector - Drivers Summary
Slide 7-9: Drivers
Slide 10: Indian Education Sector - Challenges Summary
ICT in Education Market
Slide 11: Application of ICT in Education Sector
Slide 12: ICT in Education - Market Overview, Market Size & Growth (2011-2015e) and Y-o-Y share of ICR in Education Sector (2011-2015e)
Slide 13: ICT Oriented Educational Startups
Slide 14: Major ICT Use - Summary
Slide 15: Storage Area Network, Key Hardware Required and Key Software Required
Slide 16-17: Key SAN Benefits
Slide 18: A Typical SAN Architecture
Slide 19: Enterprise Resource Planning and Major ERP Components
Slide 20: Software as a Service - ERP Applications and SaaS Benefits
Slide 21: A Typical ERP System - Educational Institutes
Slide 22: Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), WLAN Benefits
Slide 23: A Typical WLAN Architecture
Slide 24-25: Some Major Educational Institutes - ICT Implementation
Slide 26: ICT Benefits
Slide 27: Government Initiatives Overview
Slide 28-35: Government Initiatives
Slide 36: NGOs and Private Players - Indian Education Sector Overview
Slide 37-40: NGOs and Private Players
Slide 41-45: Initiatives Promoting ICT in Education Sector
Slide 46: Recent Developments
Slide 47: Challenges - Poor Internet Services
Slide 48: Challenges - Comparison of Internet Connection - BRIC Nations
Slide 49: Challenges - Rural Urban Barrier & Lack of Physical Infrastructure
Slide 50-51: Market Strategies - Major ICT Vendors
Role of Cloud - Education Sector
Slide 52-53: Cloud Computing - Education Sector Snapshot, Benefits, Potential Cloud Users in India, Key Cloud based Solutions and Major Cloud Implementations
Slide 54-66: Major Public Players
Slide 67-82: Major Private Players
Major Educational Institutes
Slide 83-93: Major Educational Institutes
Case Studies
Slide 94-96: Case Studies
Strategic Recommendations
Slide 97: Strategic Recommendations
Slide 98: Appendix
Slide 99: Sources of Information